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Come play roller derby!

Do you like to roller skate? Do you need a way to blow off some steam? Do you like to travel around the world and meet people?

Roller Derby Madrid offers you all of this and more.

If you like to skate, roller derby will bring out the best in you: teamwork, strategy and adrenaline.
Since 2013 we’ve been playing international games, in Madrid and abroad, and we often have visitors from around the world who come to train with us or to teach us new skills.

We organize several tryouts a year to welcome new people. We evaluate basic skating skills to make sure you are not a danger to yourself or to your future teammates. During our practices we’ll teach you how to skate and fall safely, and soon enough you’ll see great improvement.

All of the skaters in our league are insured by the Federación Madrileña de Patinaje (Madrid’s skating association).
All you need are quad roller skates, protective gear and you’re ready to roll!

For more information, write:

If you want to be involved but playing isn’t your thing, you can also be an “official”–a referee on or off skates–or help in other ways. There are many ways to be involved: write us and find your place in this exciting sport.

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