Roller Derby Madrid

Roller Derby Madrid

Roller Derby Madrid (RDM) was born in 2012 after the merger of two teams existing since 2011. After a year of intense training, we played the first match in April 2013. Two years later, we entered the WFTDA apprentice program, becoming full members in September 2016.

The team has not stopped growing since then. In 2016 the League is divided into two teams by levels: RDM-A and RDM-B. In 2018, RDM wins for the fourth consecutive year the National Roller Derby Championship title. Currently the team is part of the Spanish Roller Derby Association (ARDE).

Our values are feminism, respect for teammates, officials, coaches and other teams, and companionship and active participation both on and off the track. We aim to continue the legacy of this self-managed sport that has spread around the world thanks to hundreds of strong, brave and intelligent women.

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